Greater Noida Industry

Existing Industries

Industries already operating in Greater Noida
Asian Paints Ltd.Paints
DelphiAutomotive Systems
Denso India Ltd.Auto Parts
Devyani Beverages Ltd.Pepsi Soft Drinks
Escorts Yamaha MotorsMotor Cycle
Hind Polymers Ltd.Plastic Granules
Hindustan Adhesive Ltd.Adhesive Tapes
Hindustan TimesPress
Honda Power ProductsPower Products
Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.Honda Passenger Cars
Hongo IndiaAutomotive Components
Hotline AppliancesElectronics
HPCL Ltd.LPG Bottling Plant
Jay ContainersShip Containers
J.K. Magnetics Ltd.Audio/Video Tapes
Korin India Ltd.Cielo Rear Suspension
L.G. ElectronicsElectronics
Majestic AutoTwo Wheelers
Moser BaerData storage devices
New Holland TractorsFord Tractors
Nicco Batteries Ltd.Auto Batteries
Punjab Fibres Ltd.Cotton Yarn
Pushpsons Fibrol Ltd.Industrial Oil
Pushpsons Industries Ltd.Cotton Fabrics (100% EOU)
Reinz Talbros Ltd.Auto parts
Sakura Seimitsu Ltd.Clocks & Watches
Samtel Color Ltd.Colour Picture Tubes
Vectra Ltd.Truck Manufacturer
Hindustan TimesPrinting Press
Daewoo ElectronicsElectronics
Priya FoodsBiscuits
G S C Toughend GlassToughend Glass
T-SeriesAudio and Video Cassettes
Sheela FoamsMattresses

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