Yamuna Expressway - Inauguration and Updated facts

Yamuna Expressway - Inauguration and Updated facts

Formerly known as Taj Expressway, the Yamuna Expressway  is India's longest six-laned controlled-access expressway stretch in India. This 165 Km concrete pavement Expressway  developed by the Jaypee Group was conceived by Uttar Pradesh Government to connect Greater Noida with the Tajmahal city Agra. 
The Yamuna Expressway project costing approximately 13000 crores was formally inaugurated on 09 Aug 2012 by the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav and declared open to the Public.
The main objectives of the expressway were:
*       Providing a fast moving route to minimize travel time between Agra and Greater Noida.
*       To ease traffic congestion on NH-2.
*       To connect the main townships and the business centres on the eastern side of river Yamuna.
*       To open up avenue for all round development of the region by providing safe, shorter travel time and accessibility in the region.
*       To provide a timely movement of supplies in case of emergencies.

The main features of Yamuna Expressway are
*       Length - 165 km
*       Number of Lane - 6 Lanes (extendable to 8 lanes)
*       Type of Pavement - Rigid (Concrete)
*       Main Toll Plaza - 5
*       Underpass - 35
*       Rail Over Bridge - 1
*       Major Bridge - 1
*       Minor Bridge - 42
*       Vehicular Underpasses – 70
*       A toll free helpline
*       SOS booths -  along the route besides a toll free helpline
*       CCTV cameras - installed every 5 km along the expressway for safety assistance.
*       Mobile radars - to monitor compliance with speed limits
*       Highway patrol -  every 25 km

The significance of Yamuna Expressway can not only be felt while travelling on the 165 km long stretch but its huge impact can be assessed in the all round socio-economic development of not only Uttar Pradesh but its adjoining state like Rajasthan And Harayana in the coming years. And one can only say Kudos to the country’s ability in developing this world class infrastructure converging in its economic growth and prosperity.

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